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Welcome to Insurance Evolution Summit with Dan Epstein, CEO

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Insurance 2030 - Reimagining P&C Insurance
The P&C industry is undergoing transformation and is expected to be different in many ways in 2030. The pandemic and events of the past two years have reshuffled P&C companies priorities and created new strategic imperatives. Digital transformation has accelerated, the upheaval in the workforce has resulted in intense competition for talent, and technology advances have... Read More...

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The Great Discussion: We Can Do Better with Frank Pennachio
The insurance buying public has not viewed the insurance profession in the highest regard over the past couple of years. Policy holders have every right to believe when there businesses are shut down due to a contagious virus, then their business interruption coverage will pay them. It's also reasonable for homeowners in Colorado to expect their policies would be... Read More...

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The Power of Connected Ecosystems
P&C carriers and distributors have been seeking to improve connectivity via technology solutions for decades. Today technology-based platforms have emerged to enable a great leap forward in how distributors and carriers work together. In the commercial lines space this began with small commercial and is now moving to middle-market and more complex lines... Read More...

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Keynote: Art of the Steal with Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Cyberspace has spawned a skyrocketing number of ways to commit crime much of it untraceable. For insurance organizations, one of the biggest threats is fraud. Not only do victims of the crime rarely recover stolen funds, but perpetrators often go unpunished. In this 1-hour keynote, cybercrime expert Frank Abagnale will show you how to identify and outsmart... Read More...

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